Enzo Taxi Basel: General Terms and Conditions


Scope of applicability
By booking a ride, the Client agrees to all specified points in these General Terms and Conditions. A Transport Agreement is concluded by means of a transfer confirmation with Enzo Taxi (Contractor). The service confirmation is a component of the contract terms. 


Enzo Taxi offers: 
City & airport shuttle transfer
Courier & delivery services
City tours
VIP service
Group trips up to 16 persons per minivan


Bookings are made via telephone, email or fax. All bookings, in particular those via the online booking request system on the website www.enzotaxi.ch, are only valid after confirmation by the Contractor. The General Terms and Conditions apply. 


The price lists for the respective services apply. Prices are subject to change. Further services shall be invoiced separately. 

- Extra waiting time: 
- CHF 70.00 per hour for up to 9 passenger vehicles 
- CHF 180.00 per hour for more than 9 passenger vehicles 
- Room and board for drivers on an at-cost basis 


Payment conditions 

We accept the following payment methods:

- Cash (CHF or euro)
- Credit card (EC, VISA, MC, AMEX), 5% processing fee
- Bank transfer
- per invoice, upon agreement 


If an order is cancelled up to 7 days prior to contractual performance, no fees will be collected. The fees for later cancellation are as follows: 

- up to 72 hours prior to contractual performance: 50% of the agreed-upon transfer price
- less than 72 hours prior to contractual performance: 100% of the transfer price 

Cancellations are only valid if provided in writing from the Client. Verbal cancellations must be confirmed in writing by the Contractor. In the event of a no-show, the Client shall be invoiced for 100% of the contractual price. The individually agreed-upon cancellation terms apply to meetings, trade shows, conferences and events. 


Passengers shall be held liable for damages they cause to or in a vehicle. If the vehicle is excessively dirty and requires cleaning, the passengers will be invoiced. Smoking is prohibited in the vehicles. 


Operational malfunctions, official measures, staff deficiencies or a lack of raw materials, energy crises, force majeure or other unforeseeable events, such as strikes or lock-outs, that cannot be averted despite proper due diligence appropriate for the circumstances, fully releases us from liability. If the aforementioned circumstances make it impossible for the contract to be fulfilled at the agreed-upon time, the Contract shall be voided for both Parties. 

Enzo Taxi is not liable for missed appointments and the financial consequences thereof unless Enzo Taxi is at fault. This includes, e.g. late arrivals/delays caused by: 

- traffic jams, road blocks 
- vehicle breakdowns or traffic accidents 
- bad weather 

During winter months, in particular if there is a risk of ice and snow-covered roads, we can cancel accepted and confirmed orders on short-notice for safety reasons. In this case, the Customer will not receive an invoice from us. Paid rides will be reimbursed in full. If one of the aforementioned circumstances has occurred or occurs during the execution of an order, the driver shall make an assessment and decision. 

Enzo Taxi is not liable towards the Customer or passenger for damages resulting from incorrect data transfers by the Customer. 


All vehicles are legally registered and the drivers possess valid passenger transport licenses in accordance with the law. Vehicles and passengers are fully insured. Passengers are required to wear seat belts in Switzerland. Data protection Customer data is stored, treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties. 


Final provisions 
The Swiss Code of Obligations (“OR – Obligationenrecht”) automatically applies to all disputes not governed in these General Terms and Conditions. The place of jurisdiction is 4058 Basel, Switzerland. The GT&Cs and prices are subject to change. 

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